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Step 3. Site survey

Project management: Pre order phase

What is the purpose of the site survey?

  • The site survey is essential as it gives us the opportunity to identify the exact location of each required device along with the type of surface on to which the device will be installed.

Points to remember when arranging a site survey?

  • We need to ensure that the customer is prepared to help identify every device location.

Which members of the timeware® team should attend the site survey?

  • For attendance site surveys: a timeware® team member.

  • For access control site surveys: a timeware® team member plus access control specialist.

What is the dress code for the site survey?

  • Smart office or smart shop floor.

Where can the site survey take place?

  • Customer's offices

What documents are required for the site survey?

  • PDF Document Download
    Attendance site survey notes.
    Code: t2-0528
    One per attendance point.
  • PDF Document Download
    Access control site survey notes.
    Code: t2-0527
    One per access control point.

What equipment is required for the site survey?

  • Clip board

  • Tablet

  • Two pens

Following the site survey

  • Word Document Download
    timeware® professional site survey report Code: t2-0529
    The timeware® technician prepares the site survey report and passes to the projects team.
    timeware® Professional site survey report
    Code: t2-0529