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Step 1. Demonstration

Project management: Pre order phase

What is the purpose of the demonstration?

  • The demonstration allows us to explain how the timeware® software and Suprema devices could provide an effective workforce management solution for the client. It gives us an opportunity to highlight the many unique selling points of the product.

    We are not trying to get an order at the first meeting.
    We are always prepared to re-visit the customer for additional demonstrations.

What do we need to know before arranging a demonstration?

  • Number of locations?

  • Number of employees/contractors?

  • Face recognition or fingerprint?

  • Current HR system?

  • Current payroll system?

Which members of the timeware® team should attend the demonstration?

  • Usually two people, a member of the projects team and a member of the implementation team.

What is the dress code for the demonstration?

  • Smart office.

  • White shirt with timeware® tie.

  • Polished shoes.

Where can the demonstration take place?

  • Customer's offices.

  • Remotely using remote presentation software.

What documents are required for the demonstration?

  • PDF Document Download
    timeware brochure 2020
    timeware® Professional sales brochure
    Code: t2-0414
    To leave with the customer. One copy for each person attending the demonstration.
  • Last four timelines brochures.
    To leave with the customer.
  • PDF Document Download
    Demonstration notes
    Code: t2-0504
    To be completed and retained by the timeware® team.

What equipment is required for the demonstration?

Following the demonstration

  • Word Document Download
    Demonstration report Code: t2-0510
    The timeware® technician prepares the demonstration report and passes to the projects team.
    Demonstration report.
    Code: t2-0510