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Step 2. Customisation meeting

Project management: Pre order phase

What is the purpose of the customisation meeting?

  • The customisation meeting gives us an opportunity to discuss with the client exactly what special features are required.

Points to remember when arranging a customisation meeting?

  • We need to ensure that the representatives from the customer are the correct people to answer the relevant question relating to the special features.

Which members of the timeware® team should attend the customisation meeting?

  • Usually two people, a member of the projects team and a member of the implementation team.

What is the dress code for the customisation meeting?

  • Smart office.

  • White shirt with timeware® tie.

  • Polished shoes.

Where can the customisation meeting take place?

  • Customer's offices

  • Remotely using remote presentation software

What documents are required for the customisation meeting?

  • PDF Document Download
    timeware® Professional Software Customisation Notes
    timeware® software customisation notes
    Code: t2-0511

What equipment is required for the customisation meeting?

Following the customisation meeting

  • Word Document Download
    Customisation report Code: t2-0512
    The timeware® technician prepares the customisation report and passes to the projects team.
    timeware® professional software customisation report
    Code: t2-0512