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Step 7. Bio enrolment.

Project management: Post order phase

What is the purpose of the bio enrolment?

  • Introducing a biometric system of any kind can cause resentment if not handled correctly. If employees see that the introduction has been carried out in a professional manner and that the enrolment phase went well and that the testing phase was also completed without failure, we find that there is an increased feeling of trust towards the system. Not only does this trust spread across the shop-floor but it also reaches team leaders, managers and then eventually the boardroom. Put simply: Every employee within the organisation must trust the system before the implementation of a biometric solution can be deemed a success

Points to remember when arranging the bio enrolment?

  • The details of the enrolment will be included in the Pre-installation report, Code t2-0518.

    The bio enrolment step has two separate process, first enrolment and then the testing.

    1. The timeware® project team discuss with the customer the various daily schedules in operation to enable the planning of the times and days that the timeware® technicians is required to be on-site. This includes nightshifts and weekend work. We arrange with the customer to utilise an office on site for the duration of this phase and we ensure that we have the full co-operation of all team leaders. We work with the customer’s work patterns and attend site at the required hours of the day. This is not a 9 ‘till 5 project!

    2. The testing phase is much simpler as we recall all employees over an agreed period to test their primary and secondary bio enrolments. This phase proves to the employee, (and the team leaders), that the templates have been captured correctly and that each template has been tested against all other templates in the company to identify the correct employee

Which members of the timeware® team should attend the bio enrolment?

  • Usually two members of the support team.

What is the dress code for the bio enrolment?

  • Smart office or smart shop floor depending on the enrolment.

Where will the bio enrolment take place?

  • At the customer’s location as agreed with the projects team.

What documents are required for the bio enrolment?

  • Word Document Download
    Pre-installation report
    Pre-installation report
    Code: t2-0518
  • PDF Document Download
    Language Cards
    Hungarian/English Language Card
    Code: t2-0901 /000
  • PDF Document Download
    Language Cards
    Welsh/English Language Card
    Code: t2-0902 /000
  • PDF Document Download
    Language Cards
    Polish/ English Language Card
    Code: t2-0903 /000
  • PDF Document Download
    Language Cards
    Ukrainian/Romanian Language Card
    Code: t2-0904 /000
  • PDF Document Download
    Language Cards
    Urdu/Punjabi Language Card
    Code: t2-0905 /000
  • PDF Document Download
    Language Cards
    Armenian/Latvian Language Card
    Code: t2-0906 /000
  • Pull-up display banners.

What equipment is required for the bio enrolment?

Following the bio enrolment.

  • The timeware® team member prepares an enrolment day-report which is passed to the projects team.