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Don Bur

Manufacturing company improves efficiency by utilising workforce management system

A longstanding company responsible for the design and manufacture of commercial vehicle trailers has transformed various departments by implementing a new workforce management system. The system has dramatically improved the overall efficiency of a number of operations including speeding up the payroll system and monitoring absenteeism.

Established in 1980, Don Bur now employs over 500 individuals and has an annual turnover of around £40 million. Based in Stoke-on-Trent, the firm is responsible for the impressive production rate of 1,500 units a year of rigid bodywork and complex hydraulic moving deck trailers.

Don Bur has worked with timeware®, a workforce and time management solutions company based in Manchester for over 10 years. The company initially came across timeware® after troubleshooting ways to improve the attendance tracking of its workforce. Since then, Don Bur has also used timeware’s® services to manage staff absenteeism, monitor job costs and improve overall security.

Andy Thurston, project account manager at Don Bur, said: “To help us to update all our processes, a comprehensive workforce management package was offered to us by timeware®, which was tailored towards our needs and requirements.”

Don Bur adopted a variety of systems from the timeware® Professional 2015 Package, which covers areas such as personnel, absence management, attendance and access control.

After realising just how beneficial the timeware® services were in improving the efficiency of some of the firms processes, over the years Don Bur has also installed the job costing module to help break-down costings by job and thus simplify the whole process, as well as the access  control module to increase security for employees and to protect the property. This module is centred upon improving overall security for both people and property and ensures only the right people can access the company’s buildings.

Payroll link and reports have also been implemented, simplifying the payroll system and making the payment process much quicker.

‘‘In the early days of working with timeware®, the employee attendance system was a really important part of the package for us,” said Andy.

“By addressing any areas for concern and flagging up any problem individuals, we were able to improve overall motivation levels. All hours worked are now scheduled and recorded more accurately so no one feels they are being treated unfairly.”

Simon Birchall, managing director at timeware®, said: ‘‘We are so pleased that our workforce management solutions have really helped to improve overall efficiency at Don Bur. The fact that they have invested in more and more of our solutions over the years really illustrates the strength and reliability of our systems.

“Our solutions have allowed Andy and his team to concentrate their time on other areas of the business as they are safe in the knowledge that our timeware® software is managing the rest. We feel proud to know that Don Bur has benefitted from our services for so many years and we hope they will continue to do so for many more years to come’’.